Thank you all for your prayers!  It has been up and down and back and forth. Saturday night was our first night in our new place. 

We are on the 10th floor with the only apartment in the city without a balcony, which is perfect, especially with our two little spider monkeys.   It does come with an  amazing view of the city and Venezuela's mountainside. 

Our mattresses are in and the appliances, such as the washer and refrigerator, will come Monday-unless they tell us, "it is complicated."   Our other furniture will come later in the week.  So for now, our furniture consists of our footlockers and cool retro folding chairs.

Saturday we left our first home in Cucuta, The Holiday Inn. 

There we made our first friends.  From the breakfast staff, like Mateo and Esteban, to those at the front desk who would give the boys hugs and cookies EVERY time they saw them, even when they were very busy. 

Earlier this month we saw the huge town Christmas lights display with one staff member, Claudia and her family, and another has offered to be Karen's Spanish tutor.  She needs it because as we were leaving the hotel, Karen was telling the cleaning lady, "thank you," but I think we just hired her to clean our apartment. Oops!

We already see why God placed us there for 6 weeks: making new friends, being able to share with people why we moved to Colombia, and to learn more about the city and culture.     

We are so thankful for the past 6 weeks here and are looking forward to 2019 in our new home we call Cucuta.  

The Whites 


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