We blinked and summer was gone!

Hola familia!

Wow, let us first catch everyone up on our summer before we dive into the reality that it is already November.

We placed our website on hold as we spent time in Colombia, United States and Africa.

Many months apart as a family did not leave much time for writing but did not stop the memories that were captured and the ministry to continue.

At the end of May, Kevin received a call from Headquarters asking him to go to a country in Africa to assist with the food program there due to the desperate need for food to be distributed to people experiencing true famine as a result of its civil war. They were working in some very difficult conditions with very little resources even for themselves. While he can’t talk too much about it because of security, rest assured he has lots of stories of how God is moving in that part of the world through the tragedies happening!

The boys and Karen stayed in Colombia for just a short time but were able to travel to the United States while Kevin was working abroad through July. Since the boys attend a year-round school they continued to have classes online but that didn't stop them from fun in the afternoons and on their three week break. They had a chance to spend a summer with their cousins who were ready to play!

This mommas heart was joyful as I was able to enjoy the summer months with the boys in the US. Pool days, water parks, parks, holidays with family, and bike rides were our highlights. What was the best??? The boys would say everything, but VBS at Mt. Zion Baptist Church was amazing! I too was happy to take them and their cousin every day to experience VBS.

Kevin was able to travel back to the US to decompress and get some needed R&R before returning back to Colombia for work. Our tickets back to Colombia

followed shortly after which gave us extra swim days, time with family, and a chance to bring a special person back with us.

The travels did not stop there. Kevin went back to the country in Africa September-mid October while Karen and the boys stayed in Colombia.

We are grateful for those who we got to spend time with and look forward to seeing those we didn't the next time.

Since being back as a family for the last few weeks we were able to have a coupl