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Updated: Jan 23

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Three weeks ago, a six-year-old girl, Dana, arrived in Cucuta after leaving Merida, Venezuela with her family. Like millions of other Venezuelans, they could no longer endure the continued deteriorating conditions where it is now accepted that the most basic elements of survival are either unavailable or so expensive that only the richest can afford. Food while many items are now available and wages are so low, that the average monthly salary is $1 which is enough to buy a loaf of bread. Electricity and water are available 8 hours a day but it is not uncommon for it to be less. While doctors are available to diagnose, there are no medicines or medical equipment to actually cure. Therefore, Dana and her family left Merida, and made the 12 hour dangerous journey to the border. They came to Cucuta, where we live, knowing that there was a Baptist church that could receive them. They are Baptist and their church in Merida made contact with our church to help receive them.

On January 11th she was on a motorcycle traveling in Cucuta and she fell off of it. Thankfully, she didn’t hurt her head, but she had a horrible fracture in her right arm. It completely fractured at the growth plate, creating a huge risk of her arm not being able to grow or be permanently bent.

We gathered information from First Baptist and the mother and father were sent to several hospitals collecting information. Talking to our medical team friends, we learned about what needed to be done to help her, costs, and locations that would accept her for treatment. When the accident occurred, she was taken for treatment at a hospital, and x-rays were taken. However, when they learned that she was a Venezuelan and did not have legal documentation, they refused to repair her arm. This is something very common here and disheartening which is why her testimony is so special and touched so many here.

The cost for the surgery was estimated to be up to $2,000 US, and had to be paid in cash before the surgery. (While that is a lot of money anywhere, and may even sound cheap when considering medical costs in the U.S., the average monthly income here for a Colombian, is only $500. Many Venezuelans may work for $50 for a week’s work.) It came time to trust God that the funds would be available. The money needed would be impossible to get, especially for this family. We asked and the funds were provided within 24 hours! God provided the amount needed and even the price was lowered allowing some funds for medication and supplies! Only God could make this happen!

Then, 8 days later the girl had an appointment and the doctors said if the surgery is not done this afternoon then it will be too late because the injury would become permanent. They could reset the bone, but the arm would no longer grow.

Of course Kevin was at the shelter and we could not get ahold of him but the funds were able to be transferred and her surgery was successful at 6pm that night.

Many people here especially in our church view this as a true miracle and evidence that God loves each and everyone of us. Dana’s story is so common but they do not have a happy ending. There are many here that have withered arms, missing limbs, etc. But in the midst of the hundreds and thousands crossing the border daily, God knows Dana and her family. God knows what happened to her. And it was as if God reached down and touched this family, and said, “Not this one. Not this time. She is mine”

We are grateful for the whitesonmission fund that was set up for our family to do ministry for our Heavenly Father's name to be GLORIFIED.

We thank each and every one of you for giving to our website and also for praying without ceasing.

We share stories like this so show God's hand in all and how magnificent He is!

We continue to pray for Dana and her family as she heals over the next 45 days before her appointment to see how all went.

Praise God with us,

The Whites.


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