Thankful for God's provision

Hola mi familia y amigos, Hello my family and friends.   We want to take time to enter November with Thanksgiving and share stories of Thankfulness and God's work with you, our prayerful partners.  The first story occurred just a few weeks ago.  We marvel at God’s timing and provision for two families but as we continue to learn over and over God has had it all planned out.   Our family was sitting at dinner one night when we received a call from our pastors wife, Ingrid, who wanted to know if we were able to help a family at the bus depot.  The bus depot is a large terminal like a Grayhound station here, but is considered a very rough place to be.  Ingrid did not have many details that she could share or even how best to help them.  We needed more information and it wasn't until the next day that we were able to partner with our Cucuta church with funds to buy bus tickets for this family.   We give our Lord the Glory for using us and His Church to provide for the family.   This is what we found out about the family: Yorbelis, a Venezuelan is a woman with 6 children who is widowed for the second time.   Recently her second husband died in an accident leaving her little baby, who is not yet 1 year old, and whose state of malnutrition is noticeable, which means instead of black hair, it was orangish yellow from a lack of nutrients.  This mother walked for 5 days with another women,Carolina, who also has a child.  They both lived in Guarico-Venezuela.  One of them worked in a pharmacy, earning only $ 2 a month.  This made her life impossible to live which led her to make the decision to undertake a trip to Colombia.  The ladies final destination was Pereira, Colombia.

 These two women with 7 children in their care, walked for 5 days on the roads of Venezuela.  The only meals they had were what people could give them (mostly just bread).  One day they reached the border of Venezuala and Colombia.  The mother's  plan was to continue walking on the roads of Colombia, but her lack of knowledge and preparation for it was evident.  The 2 lane  road that the Venezualans walk is very dangerous and would be unbelievable difficult for these families.   God's mercy is great!  As they entered Colombia from Villa del Rosario, they did not know the country, but God does and the families came directly to Cúcuta. Yorbelis’s cousin Karelia, who lives on the border contacted First Baptist Church Cucuta for help.  Karelia had previously been blessed with a Sameritans Purse bag of food in the church and she wanted to ask for help for her cousin.  The mothers and children where in need of food and shelter.  As stated before the pastors wife called us to help collaborate funds for this family.    Clearly the transportation of 9 people to a destination quite remote from the city is very expensive for Colombians to pay and unheard of for Venezuelans to pay.  The safely of the mothers and the children were first priority.  As our own family has driven just a fraction of that trip there is no way we could allow the family to walk any length of that.    Before leaving, the pastor and his wife's words to them were: “Do not remember a name, do not remember a person, always remember God! Remember your church and what She does through it is all God!  He alone moves his church to work for the blessing of their lives.”

 (In this photo we see an exhausted mother and children happy for God's miracles)

 (A long journey, but extremely short compared to her plans. God's plans are definitely better than ours)  Today the children and their mothers are next to other relatives in the city of Pereira.  They arrived on October 22, 2020. In this photograph they are already at the destination.

We are Thankful for God's provision! Thankful for the loving people of Northside and others who donated to our family ministry this year so we could be apart of this ministry lead by our church in Cucuta.   Because of your donations this family did not have to walk the long two lane road for months to get to their destination.    GOD IS Good, ALL THE TIME


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