This week Kevin spent the entire day traveling to and from a location to distribute food to those in need. It was a very needy and dangerous area and security was tight. He was able to help hand out 250 bags of food which is what they will need to live on for one more month.

Today our family was so thankful to worship together at First Baptist Cucuta.

After a week-long bout with sickness, today is just what our family needed. Our morning was just like every other American family getting ready for church; “get your shoes on!”, “Andrew! Where did you get that chocolate cookie?!?” “I think someone needs a new diaper…” and “What time is it?!? We gotta GO!!!” With all that, we made it and were excited to worship with those who gathered in the House of the Lord.

Today was to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the church. And It was an exciting morning…and afternoon that lasted for four hours! The services here are a little different, and the guest preacher preached on Daniel 3 and the importance of remembering where we come from.

For a young pastor, he had lived a long life, preaching for over an hour on where he had come from and this after we had sung for 45 minutes. We sang songs and hymns that reminded us of our home church. “At the Cross, At the Cross…” and “Because He saves…” in Spanish and a few other classics. We rejoiced with those being baptized and celebrated with the Lord’s Supper. Benjamin and Andrew struggled to sit still, but the Lord sent a little Angel to them. A little girl named Valeria, who was sitting in front of us kept smiling at him and Andrew. Before we knew it, all three were under her chair playing with Hot Wheels and Paw Patrol finger puppets. They could not understand each other, but trading cars for puppets and rolling balls back and forth just transcends languages. When the time came and before we knew what was happening, Valeria grabbed Benjamin’s hand and they were happily running off to children’s church. The boys were more than thrilled to attend the children’s church here and to play with children their own age.

After the service, we enjoyed a traditional lunch of sancocho soup, rice, and potatoes with the pastor. We were very much greeted by Colombians as well as Venezuelans who attended. We felt like we were at home. The boys laughed and ran, as if they were at Northside with other children while adults chatted and visited.


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