Prayer request from venezuela

Urgent #PrayerRequest from Venezuela: "It is a total chaos. What was already a humanitarian crisis just got much worse. Last Thursday, the electrical facility which produces 70% of Venezuela's electricity had to be shut down due to mechanical problems.

"While some sections have had sporadic service, many are now approaching 100 hours without electricity. Not only are tens of thousands of families without electricity, they also are running out of water or are already out, and have no means of cooking food, if they indeed have food. Some grocery stores have had to give away perishables, while others have been looted by an increasingly desperate population.

"Gas stations are unable to supply the needs for transport. Hospitals have also been without electricity and unable to serve the needs of their patients. Numerous of those dependent on electrical machines have died. Many outside of Venezuela have been unable to communicate with their family members in Venezuela.

"Please pray for the reestablishment of electric service in the country. Pray that the Lord will work in the midst of this crisis and that the Church can minister the Good News faithfully."

- IMB Missionary in the Americas


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