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Have you ever gone on a Mission Trip in your own city or state?  Have you traveled overseas to SERVE?   We would love to hear about your heart for missions and your favorite experiences.   Over the next few weeks we would love for you to take time and write us, sharing your stories with us.  Our email is

We are really loving the mission trip life. 

This summer, Larry Wells led a Mission Team from First Baptist in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to serve with alongside our church, First Baptist Church of Cucuta.  It is always a blessing to see them come ready to share the Gospel and learn more about the Venezuelan Crisis.  For us, it is always a blessing to see Larry and his wife RuthAnn, and make new friends on the trip.  During the week, we pulled Benjamin out of his school for a day so that he could take the team to our shelter in La Donjuana.  He is a great guide because he loves to share about what is happening through his own eyes and heart, and then jumps in sharing smiles, playing, and giving out helpful items to the Venezuelan caminantes (walkers – where have we heard that term before..?).  The team had a busy 6 days Sharing Christ and SERVING.   We are thankful to them especially for bringing down items that have been collected from family and friends in Illinois and Indiana.  They also brought their own supplies to hand out! 

With all of the supplies we received, Kevin was amazed at the packaging facility that we set up in our own apartment all to help those in need.  Benjamin and Andrew enjoyed bagging soap and toothpaste for a local mission set up by our church. 

This mission is dedicated to the caminantes and provides shower and laundry facilities and a small lunch program.  While folks are waiting for laundry to be washed and dried, the team shares the love of Christ through witnessing and tracts.  One of the amazing facts about the mission house is that it is staffed each week with volunteers from different Venezuelan churches.

A big MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS! to the Oklahoma mission team for SERVING our local church and blessing our family while you were here. 

A big THANK YOU to those in Illinois (and those who moved to Arizona) for the hats, scarves, gloves, and electric blankets.  One suitcase that arrived came just in time!  We hosted a Venezuelan pastor and his wife who were here for a week.  We were able to provide them with several items for their needs but also those in their congregation.  We even sent them off with the suitcase!  Nothing is going to waste.  Your donations are amazing.  

Our IMB friends also were able to have 6 large boxes shipped for us that were filled with cold weather items especially for those in Berlin.  Karen enjoyed looking through all the items and sorting.   So many items have already gone to be with those in need.  Check out the pictures and video of Berlin posted by our shelter manager this week. IT IS COLD!

(He's saying its snowing and cold at the highest point by the Berlin shelter)

Another BIG blessing over the summer was that our home church Northside Baptist Church allowed us to be a part of their VBS19.  Oh and are we grateful!   We love our Indy church and continue to feel the prayers.  Let us brag on Northside and tell you that they collected 345 socks and an amazingly amount of money that is going to help the Colombian and Venezuelan children.  The socks are being given to the Venezuelan caminantes....who spend many hours, days, weeks and months walking to find a better life for themselves.  This past weekend, we went to the La Donjuana Shelter, about 45 minutes from our home, where Kevin first started working.  While there, we shared these blessings, and left extras with the ministry staff there (who are some of Benjamin and Andrew's favorite people).  A few days later, one of the girls asked Karen why we brought those, and Karen asked her why she would ask.  “I mean, how did you know that’s what we needed??  Do you know how many people came in that day with blisters on their feet?  It was perfect!”  God is perfect and in His timing!  Your blessings mean so much not just to the Venezuelans, but also to those who are sharing God’s love using your donations!

THANK YOU to everyone who gave so that we could give.  Many family and friends outside the church and even state gave.   Oh by the way, THE GIRLS WON the Change War for VBS19.  

What is going on outside of ministry?

Our family has their plane tickets purchased for home leave.  Karen and the boys will be home for 5 weeks and Kevin will join them for Thanksgiving.  We look forward to seeing many family and friends.   And, of course, enjoying our favorite restaurants, Chik-Fil-A and Cracker Barrel!!! 

Finally we celebrated Kevin turning 45 and Karen turning 20!!!!  Praying God's blessing on his and her lives this year and praying for many more years to come.  

Don't forget to send us your mission trip stories!   

See you all soon!

💗The Whites


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