merry christmas + happy new year

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas with friends and family this year.  We know for some it can be hard around the holidays as we miss loved ones who have passed.   Through hope in Christ we know we will see them again.  

2018 brings NEW and exciting things.  It has been a bit since our last article due to sickness, apartment complications and well you know....the business of Christmas.  

Colombia is crazy FUN at the holiday time.  As many of you know we spent our Christmas in the INN, the Holiday INN.  Karen made a tree out of paper chains, and we wrapped presents in the bathroom.  Just like any other normal family.  

We went and saw SANTA, enjoyed the Christmas lights show throughout the city and the wonderful songs at the live Nativity in the mall.   We went to see the movie, THE GRINCH, in Spanish.  We spent Christmas with other Samaritan's Purse families.  

We made three special trips with Kevin to the shelter before Christmas.   One evening we delivered 200 cooked Hallacas for the Venezuelans to eat because it is a special Christmas tradition.  They're like the big brother to tamales, and filled corn meal, pork, chicken, olives, and more.  Samaritan's Purse also purchased gifts for all the children who passed by.  

On another evening, as we pulled in to the shelter, a man and his extended family pulled in after us and brought warm food, drinks, hygiene kits for everyone and passed out gifts for the kids.  It was great to see others helping support the work.  The man brought his whole extended family to teach them about giving back since he owns factories that are in Venezuela and manage to still be operating.  Benjamin and Andrew were able to help distribute presents even to a small friend they made--another 3-year-old who was walking with his family to Bucaramanga.

That day 150 came through the shelter.  Most people come in the evening for a hot meal, shower, and a place to stay, and then after another warm morning meal they are on their way.   

On Christmas eve we took 200 more hallacas up to the shelter for those passing through.  These are definitely a special treat they we were able to enjoy with those staying in the shelter that night.  

The SP team running the shelter and the SP families joined in by painting fingernails, skateboarding, and spending time with the caminantes.   Turns out Kevin used to be a skater and his boss still is. We stayed for dinner and prayed with them on their long journey. 

At the end of the night Benjamin and Andrew gave a Christmas gift that we are sure that will keep on giving.  They gave pairs of their PaPa Phil's and Grandpa Roberts' shoes to the shelter to provide to someone in need.  They  both bought brand new shoes the week before passing away last year and were never able to wear them.  Grandma and Mom sent them with us to help others in need.  If you ever met or heard anything about these men, you know that this is what they would have wanted.  

We are THANKFUL for the outpouring of love and support as we on a mission.   Please continue to journey with us through our website.  We love hearing from friends and family.  A little email, note of encouragement, and even video chats for the boys (thanks Rachel B) go along way.  

We continue to pray for you as you begin your 2019.  May your 2019 be a great adventure walking with the Lord wherever you are.



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He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt.

Deuteronomy 10:18-19