It's a Girl!

Here in Colombia, we stick out like sore thumbs.  Not sure how they know “ain’t from ‘round these here parts,” but they know.  Kevin thinks it is his accent, but I think it may be something else.  It is blessing because it is opens up so many doors for talking to people and building bridges.  Usually after even the briefest of conversations, we are inadvertently told, “you have two boys, so now all you need is a girl!”  Karen immediately says NO! and Kevin smiles and says YES!

Well, we are excited to announce that the time has come.  Three weeks ago we welcomed Jessica into our home! 

Jess is an intern placed in our home for eight weeks while she assists with the different programs for Samaritan’s Purse by doing monitoring and evaluation – making sure that the beneficiaries are getting what they need.  It is an important role because it is part of what makes Samaritan’s Purse such a great organization that demonstrates strong stewardship and accountability for donors. 

Jess is from the US and is a college grad as of Dec 2018.  She has completed one internship in Bolivia and will finish in Colombia the first of August.  

As a mother of two young boys I wasn't sure she had it in her to take on hearing 2 year-old tantrums and the crazy life of ours, but she has adapted well.  Turns out she had a secret for overcoming it – like Karen, she was a nanny for several years for a young family!  She is thankful for a family taking her in, since living out of a suitcase in a hotel can sometimes not be very fun.  While we have lots of good memories of our time at the Holiday Inn, we remember that feeling of not quite being at home.

It may not be the 7lb. 8oz bouncing baby girl that Kevin hopes for but we adore her and are thrilled to open out home to her for the next 4 weeks.  



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