give thanks

As we prepared for our first Thanksgiving as a family away from our family and friends we looked back on the great blessing that God has given us on our journey to where we are today.  

I am reminded of a song we sang at our church often: Give Thanks;  it is true that we give thanks for what He has done!  We could not be here without HIM.  

This year we are thankful that God has given us the desires of our heart to serve others overseas.  We are thankful for the family and friends who love and support us in so many ways.   We are thankful for time with family and friends before we left and are thankful for the new friends who join us on our journey.   We are thankful for the opportunity that God has already provided to share with others.  

There may not be pumpkin pie or even a turkey this year in Colombia but we have much to be thankful for.  We give THANKS WITH A GRATEFUL HEART. 

Friday we gathered with other missionaries and their families for our Friendsgiving and there was a TURKEY!   I am not sure where they found it, but it was on the table, and it was good!  

Continue praying for us as we are living the hotel life and searching for the right place to live.  Prayers are needed for the 57,000 crossing daily.  We are seeing many throughout town lugging suitcases that they fill with food and other goods to take back home to sell as a means to provide for themselves.  We are closer and closer to getting our shelter in Berlin approved.  Berlin is the highest and coldest point in their trek to Bogota, and will be a huge help to the caminantes making the trek.


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